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Measure P: Funding the District's Future

Click HERE to read a message from Board President Burl Skaggs regarding Measure P and its importance to the District's future.

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Measure P was intended to raise District fees for the first time in over 20 years. The measure reflected resource needs as determined by the CPAD Board, with help from the Finance Committee, following a "clean sheet" detailed analyis of financial requirements for basic routine operations, contingencies, and reserves.

A series of notices, public meetings (online during Covid-19 restrictions), and other opportunities for public comment started in late March 2020 and continued up until the November election with the objective of educating the voter and taxpayer base. Information from those meetings and supporting detail are linked below.  

What, Exactly, the Ballot Measure Asked For: Following is the verbatim measure as it appeared on the November, 2020 ballot:

"Shall the measure increasing the Cameron Park Airport District annual special tax from $300 to $1,200 per parcel for an unlimited duration for airport maintenance, operations, and residential street maintenance, increasing current total annual revenue of $39,300 to $157,600 commencing fiscal year 2021/2022, be adopted?"


Bulletins to Quickly Bring You Up to Speed on Measure P

Bulletin #1: What is Measure P?

Bulletin #2: Frequently Asked Questions

Bulletin #3: Property Values and Measure P

Bulletin #4: District Goals and Measure P


Library of Background Information:

A more detailed "White Paper" with Measure P Information and Analysis on how the proposed CPAD Budget and Plan were developed can be accessed HERE

A collection of materials as presented at public meetings is below

  • Introduction with Overview is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airpark Streets - Pavement is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airport Operations is HERE
  • Presentation regarding Airport Projects is HERE
  • Wrap Up - Summary Presentation is HERE
  • Introduction Letter regarding CPAD Financial Condition is HERE
  • Public Notice of measures and tentative action calendar is available HERE as a PDF.


As with all Board and Committee matters and actions, your comments can be sent to the Board at