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New Tie-Down Chains are Coming!

The tie-down chains in tenant and transient parking will be replaced soon.  New chains, S-hooks and shackles have been ordered with the last deliveries over the next several weeks.  Installation will be done by volunteers, and dates will be sent once known via email.

When the chains are installed, if there is an airplane in the tie-down, the new chains will be installed on the in-ground anchors and the old chains left in place.  When the airplane owner removes the old chains from their airplane and attaches the new chains, the old chains will be removed from the in-ground anchors by the installation team.  The installation team will not connect the new chains to an airplane.

After a day of installation(s), an email will be send stating which tie-downs have new chains.  The airplane owner, can go out to connect the new chains to their airplane.

If the tie-down does not have an airplane on it when the new chains are installed, the old chains will be removed.

Each new tie-down chain features:

-       Two S-Hooks, rated at 3,000 lb., one for attaching to the airplane and the other for taking up slack

-       10-foot, 1900 pound rated galvanized chain

-       2000 pound rated galvanized anchor shackle for attaching to the existing in-ground anchor

And they look good!

New Chains with S-Hooks installed.  Waiting on the anchor shackles.
May contain: rug
Receiving inspecton, 44 ten-foot chains
First chain set installed!