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No. 3, September 2020: Measure P

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Comments from Your President:

September 11, 2020                                                                   

The upcoming November Election is Important for Cameron Park Airport District

Hello, I hope everyone is staying well during these interesting times, it is certainly challenging with everything that is going on.

Two important decisions that will directly affect your community are going to appear on the ballot in November.

1. Measure P to increase the annual fees for street repair and airport operations. Please note that the county only acts as a means to collect the annual fees and receives no part of these funds. All of these fees go directly back to the District and are under the full control of your elected Board. The Board ultimately decides how fees are spent, guided by the annual budget publicly vetted resolution.

In order to help all of you make an informed decision, a volunteer group put together a large amount of information on the website and as printed bulletins which will be both handed out and mailed. This information explains the reasons for the increase and how the amount was eventually determined.  It is hoped the information answers any questions you may have, but please take a few moments to review it and ask if something you need to know is missing or not clear.

2. The Board will have two open positions to be filled by this election.  Three people applied and are going to be on the ballot for the two available positions. Your vote will choose the two that are to be on the Board. CPAD asked for and is including submitted candidate statements for you to review and help in making your choice. You can find them on the website under the Governance/Board of Directors Openings tab.

I also want to mention that we are very interested in what you want this District to become, but most of you don’t communicate with us. This District was formed with the idea that the residents manage and control what happens here. Our meetings are sparsely attended, emails are only opened by a little over half of you, and we don’t know if enough of the direct mailings are read to justify the expense. Please take a few minutes to let us know how we are doing and let us know your ideas. The volunteer Board is made up of five of your neighbors trying to do what they believe you want for the good of the community.

Please also take a moment to either subscribe to the email list HERE or to send your preferred contact email address to so we can update our system. Include your name so we can match them up.

Thanks for your time

Burl Skaggs,

Board President, Cameron Park Airport District