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Work Party (8am)

Work Party: 8AM at the South Gate

  1. signs
  2.  weeding
  3.  gate maintance  
ProjectLocationActionsToolsSuppliesTrainingCompletion StatusFollow -up
Gates Maintenance
lubricate chainschain oil
adjust chain tensionwrenches
inspect rails, rollersadjust ht and spacing if neededwrenches, laser tracker, tape measure
repair screen on gate near office
wind teeweed trimmer
approach lights"
taxi way entrancesincluding taxi lights"
Tie Downs
check conditionuseable?
weed aroundweed trimmer
remove chains, locksbolt cutters, cutoff grinder
airparkreplace stop signswrenchesbolts,nuts, washers
replace no parking signs""
trim vegetaton around signsweed trimmer, shears
airportweed around signsweed trimmer
Runway Inspection
walk runway perimeter
identify weeds, cracks needing immediate attention
photograph map
prioritize for next work day
Windsock Inspection
verify movement
look for tears
photographdo we need to order replacements?