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Residential Airpark


The area to the west of the runway is a residential airpark where homeowners taxi their airplanes on shared-use roads right up to their homes!


The neighborhood adopted a "Residential Through The Fence" access policy that covers the "rules of the road" for safe co-existence of ground vehicles and aircraft both in the neighborhood and on the surface of the airport, itself.

Visitors to the residential side of the Cameron Park Airport District should coordinate with the resident they are visiting: access to the runway is gate-controlled and unaware aircraft can be trapped behind the fence!  We'll eventually let you out, but certainly not before the really embarrassing "Taxi of Shame!"

View of airpark neighborhood with small lake adjacent to houses
A view to the south of Cameron Park Airport (left) and the Airpark (right) where residents have homes with attached hangars and controlled access to the public-use airport's runway.

There are over 100 homes and lots and is part of the Airport Special District; however, it is financially separate from the airport when it comes to managing common neighborhood properties and assets. To maintain the neighborhood streets, the residents created a bond facility in 2010 that attaches to all properties in the airpark for the sole purpose of renovating and maintaining all the pavement surfaces. Substantial work was completed on the residential streets in the summer of 2010. The bond is paid through a special assessment property tax impounds and will mature in 2019.

There are CC&R’s for neighborhood and an Architectural Control Committee under the authority of the greater Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD). In addition to the CC&Rs, avigation easements attach to the properties within the airpark.

  • CPAD enjoys tremendous support from the fun group of aviation and airport enthusiasts in Friends of the Cameron Park Airport (​​FOCA). FOCA is a not-for-profit organization of residents, neighbors and friends of the airport and is mentioned in several places throughout this website. They're the wizards-behind-the-curtain at O61!