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Volunteer Tasks

Added hands are always appreciated to maintain our airport and grounds! Please coordinate with the Manager's Office or a FOCA representative here: Manager or FOCA

Before starting any work, you must receive a safety briefing from the office! Really!

May contain: fire, person, human, bonfire, and flame
PJ monitors a burn to clear the drainage ditch while a Cessna departs to the south
Two volunteers standing at base of flag pole where they installed a new wind sock
Mike Bell (l) and Marian Janik installed new wind socks at the segmented circle and fuel island!
Three men next to a park bench they are repairing
Bob, Gus, and Jerry (L to R) put sand paper, elbow grease and varnish to work on the scout Lindbergh Bench at the south gate. Thanks, guys, for the needed repairs and spiffing up of the finish!
Small all terrain vehicle pulling a lwn mower
Resident Mike Bigler brought over his Rhino ATV to pull the new trail mower! And pull, he did: > 80 miles of mowing! Thanks Mike!


Currrent Help Apprecited for:

  • Weed whipping and disk cutting around perimeter of airport
  • Weed spraying around perimeter of airport (along Oxford and Cameron Park Drive)
  • Filing of airport archival records
  • Creation of a narrative history of O61
  • Hanging newly acquired No Trespassing signs on perimeter chainlink fence
  • Burning weeds out of taxiway and ramp pavement cracks using propane torch

More soon! Check back frequently!