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Small Airport News from Around the Web

Here you will find press articles and other information concerning the operation and well-being of small airports like Cameron Park.  The common theme is that the District must be vigilant and active to maintain its airport in the face of dwindling pilot population, pressure from real estate developers, and myriad other adverse influences. Be informed and be active!

Endangered Little Airports - Dennis Nichi, KCET News (2018).

Less friendly skies? Will the decline in private aviation hurt Inland area’s small airports? - Alicia Robinson, Orange County Reporter (2017).

Minnesota Airport Saved - Rising to meet the challenge of an airport closure threat due to ignored obstruction trees, General Aviation News, (December 1, 2020).

5 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Local Airfield - A short video on why local airports are so important. While this is a UK-produced video, the points made are equally valid for airports around the world, including right here at Cameron Park International.