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Aircraft Seen at Cameron Park

May contain: airport, airfield, transportation, vehicle, airplane, and aircraft
A patriotic C170 that offloaded no fewer than 30 rescued kittens
May contain: airport, airplane, vehicle, aircraft, transportation, and airfield
A shining Myers 200


May contain: airport, airplane, transportation, aircraft, vehicle, airfield, and machine
J3 Cub just after a complete resotration
May contain: airport, aircraft, transportation, airplane, vehicle, and airfield
A slick Glastar on its way home to Oregon
May contain: airport, aircraft, transportation, vehicle, airplane, and airfield
PC-12 wedged in for a quick turnaround
May contain: airport, airfield, vehicle, airplane, aircraft, transportation, and machine
A patriotic RV7
May contain: airport, airfield, transportation, aircraft, airplane, vehicle, automobile, and car
An eyecatching Starduster!
May contain: aircraft, transportation, airplane, vehicle, person, human, and machine
A beautiful C195 in from Oregon.  And, no, it's not THAT C170 of a similar color from Oregon....!
May contain: airplane, vehicle, transportation, aircraft, airport, machine, and airfield
A spectacular RV paint job
May contain: airport, airfield, airplane, transportation, aircraft, and vehicle
A happy Piper Super Cruiser (PA12)
May contain: airplane, transportation, vehicle, aircraft, and biplane
And, a Backcountry Cub SQ2