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Candidates are running for volunteer terms of 4 years (2021-2025)

In alphabetical order:  

Mr. Terry Bohlen

My name is Terry Bohlen and I am running for a seat on the Cameron Park Airport District (CPAD) Board.  I was appointed to the CPAD Board in January 2019, to finish the term of a prior board member.  I am a retired Aerospace Engineer, having spent most of my career in business development for space launch services and commercial communication satellites.

My wife and I moved to Cameron Airpark in April 2018, with our daughter, two dogs, my Piper Dakota, Motorhome, and two older Chevy Blazers.  We are members at large with the Friends of Cameron Airpark (FOCA) and I also volunteer as the District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts, American River District. 

I am honored to have served on the board the for the last 1 ½ years.  We have great leadership and a dedicated team to work through the many challenging issues.  During my time on the board, I have participated in obstruction mitigation planning, worked with the Infrastructure and Finance Committee to develop a budget planning analysis tool and wrote a detailed paper supporting the need for Measure P.  I have attended every board meeting and participated in many other volunteer activities to help keep our airport maintained.

I grew up near Detroit Michigan, surrounded by the automobile industry.  My passion for aviation began early as my grandfather owned a Bonanza and I spent a lot of time at that airport, flying and helping him work on his airplane.  I learned to fly while in High School and had my private check ride the morning of my graduation.  My ambition was to fly my own airplane and a Piper Dakota was my first choice.  Finally, in 2015 I bought my Piper Dakota and love flying and taking care of it.

I graduated from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in Aerospace Engineering in 1981.  During my career I worked for General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin in San Diego, Boeing, on the Sea Launch Program in Long Beach, and Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto. 

A home with a hangar, with my airplane inside, and the ability to taxi to the runway was my dream.  I discovered Cameron Airpark and decided that is where I wanted to live someday!  Fortunately, my wife agreed!  We love living here!  It is a great community, close to stores, restaurants and the Sierras, great flying weather and I can to see my airplane anytime!

I am excited about our future and hope to continue to actively work to maintain and improve our very unique airport community as a CPAD board member.  Cameron Airpark is a desirable place to live and I believe it can be even more as we all work together.  This is a great airpark and I hope to enjoy it for many more years and help keep this a great place to live now and for future generations. 

Mr. Joseph Fuller


Mr. Jeff W. Robertson

My name is Jeff Robertson and I’m running for Cameron Park Airport District (CPAD) Board.  My wife Tina and I have been residents of the airpark since 2009 and love living in our community.  I’ve been a pilot for over 40 years, initially as a Private Pilot in 1979 and then 12 years in the US Air Force as a pilot and instructor in the T37, A10 and F117 Stealth Fighter.  Following the Air Force, I spent 23 years as a Business Intelligence Manager supporting the Military Healthcare System (TRICARE).   I retired just before the Covid 19 pandemic started in February 2020.

As residents of the airpark, we enjoy, just like many residents a variety of activities.  The unique nature of our community is that whether you love airplanes, classic cars, RV’s, or other space intensive hobbies, you have found home here.  I see people every week driving by or stopping by an open hangar door to ask questions or comment on “how cool” the airpark is. And I agree, it is an awesome place to live. 

My reason for running for the CAPD Board is simple, I want to keep the airpark a great place to live and a desirable place to move to.  I want to work with the residents of the airpark to keep the roads in great repair and keep the airport safe and fully functional.  Keeping our infrastructure in good condition benefits everyone that lives here and has a positive impact on property values.

Keeping up our unique community requires an active, engaged board and supporting community.  If elected to the CPAD Board, I will work with the community and board to keep our community a desirable place to live and exercise prudence and be a conscientious steward of your tax dollars

Thanks for learning more about me, if you have a specific topic you’d like to discuss, please email me  I’d appreciate your vote on November 3.