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Successful Work Party on Tuesday, June 29 - Volunteers Making Difference! 

We had a successful work party Tuesday morning, June 29, clearing dead weeds and brush behind district hangars near the fuel pumps.  There where four volunteers from 6:00am to about 9:00am.  Jeff Thornhill, Knud Kirkegaard, Julie Bohlen and Terry Bohlen.  Jeff Robertson was staffing the airport office and also helped out.  There was cutting and trimming, raking and hauling brush to a trailer, then to a burn pile for future burning.

Most of the dead weeds and brush next to the district hangars (near the fuel pumps) was cleared.  Big change!  Additional clearing of some dead weeds is needed so if you missed this work party, there will be more!  

Next major work party will be mowing.

Thank-you to the volunteers!

Before - lots of lose dead weads
May contain: gravel, dirt road, and road
After - Dead weeds cleared
May contain: ground, tree, and plant
Before - Behind Flight School Hangar
May contain: ground, gravel, dirt road, and road
side of building
Before - Side of Flight School Hangar
May contain: road
After - Cleared weeds next to hangar
May contain: person, human, outdoors, garden, gardener, worker, and gardening
Knud Kirkegaard works hard clearing weeds and brush
May contain: person, human, and outdoors
Julie Bohlen working hard, raking, scoping and taking  piles to the trailer
May contain: person, human, pants, clothing, apparel, jeans, denim, shoe, and footwear
Debris ready to go to burn pile area
May contain: person, human, shoe, clothing, footwear, apparel, shorts, car, automobile, vehicle, and transportation
But before going to the burn pile area, more debris is added
donuts on tractor
Donuts were not so great a hit....